From No Teeth to Fixed Teeth in Just 72 Hours with Basal Dental Implants

Is it painful to play hide and seek with your lost teeth & smile? Losing your teeth, and hiding your smile whenever you talk to one, is a nightmare for sure. 

A lost tooth is a lost sapphire! But not anymore. It can be your sudden accident or an age declining factor that you lost your one or all of the teeth. We, here at Asian Dental Clinic,  will make you time travel to the good old days of pleasant smiles and laughter with your friends and family.

How? That’s supposed to be the tiebreaker today. With the help of advanced technologies and international standard treatments, we brought you the “Basal Dental Implants” that fix your no teeth to fixed teeth in just 72 hours of time!

Here is how a basal dental implant is the best option for you.

What are Basal Implants?

Basal implants are modern dental minimally invasive surgical procedures, where you get to construct your lost tooth. Unlike traditional dental implants in which a titanium screw is attached with your upper jaw bone, this is bypassed at the bottom of the cortical jaw bone. 

Then a crown is placed above the implant, making it look like your natural teeth. You can then resume your normal functions like eating, speaking and smiling without any hesitation.

Who can avail Basal Dental Implant?

If you are a diabetic patient, or someone with serious health ailments, don’t worry; this is not going to stop you from getting your basal dental implants.

Basal implants are cost effective treatment that supports any age with any health issues. 

Will there be any post treatment complications?

Basal implants are of high success rate unless performed by an expert implantologist. Be wise in choosing your dentist for the high tech procedure you chose to undergo. 

Clinics like Asian dental, hold its best in treating patients with basal dental implants for years. Our  dentists are extremely specialised in minimal invasive and blood loss procedures. We ensure a promising smile for the next couple of decades with basal dental implants.

Benefits of Basal Dental Implants over Traditional Implants:

  • No bacterial affect
  • No need of bone augmentation
  • Single appointment
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Immediate loading -(72 hours) 

Hiding your smile for the sake of tooth loss is not an excuse anymore. Get your quality basal dental implants today at the Asian dental clinic. 



What To Do; What Not To Do After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a modern, painless procedure to remove the unerupted or  half erupted wisdom tooth, thereby preventing throbbing pain and serious complications in jaw alignment.

Unlike old days, Dentists at Asian Dental are well-trained to use the less invasive techniques and experts in minimising discomfort and blood loss.

After undergoing a wisdom tooth removal, though it is painless still one has to follow some precautionary measures to fasten the healing.

The faster the healing, the faster one can return to their normal life.

If you are planning to take up wisdom tooth removal or someone who removed it recently, here is a list of things you have to adapt for faster relief.

These simple tips can be a lifesaver to You!

Things you can DO to hasten the relief:

  • Relax and Rest:

Wisdom tooth removal requires at least 24 hours of rest. Elevate your head and give a complete rest to relieve the discomfort.

  • Icing:

After the removal, swelling can be seen with the majority of people. Icing your face for 20 minutes after an interval of every 20 minutes for almost 24 to 48 hours can reduce the swelling.

  • Taking Liquid & Soft Foods:

Consume soft and light foods. Prefer liquid foods over solid foods which can stabilise hunger and also energise. 

  • Jaw exercises:

Slight movement and exercises can help you with adapting the old lifestyle like speaking, drinking and eating.

  • Taking Medications:

Follow the respective antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the doctor as per the dose without fail.

  • Use Tea Bags:

Bite a tea bag on the gauze placed. Tea leaves contain tannic acid which is a good blood vessel constrictor preventing blood loss. It will arrest the blood and help in clotting.

  • Practising Oral Hygiene:

Never skip brushing! Brush with a smooth bristle brush regularly. Gargle with warm water with a pinch of salt. 

Things you are advised NOT TO DO:

  • Avoid using straws:

Straws can hit the operated part and dislodge the clot, making you suffer even more by bleeding heavily. 

  • Cut out Alcohol & Smoking:

Alcohol and smoking immediately after an extraction can infect the socket paving way to inflammation.

  • Stop icing after 48 hours:

Even after icing, if the bleeding doesn’t stop after 48 hours immediate seeking of your dentist is recommended.

  • Avoid Rinsing often:

In order to feel clean, people often rinse their mouth after the extraction. But, it can break the clot and continue to bleed.

  • Managing Cold & Cough:

Cold and cough can make it worse, delaying the healing. It is advised to take up measures to cure your cold and cough beforehand.

If you are good at taking measures, you will be healed completely within a week.

Looking for a wisdom tooth removal?

Our experienced dentists at Asian Dental Clinic will make it for you. Book a FREE consultation with us.


Important things you should know about Traditional Braces

In this modern era, new alternatives like Invisalign have completely underrated the use of traditional braces. You may wonder if Traditional Braces are still an option.

Dentists say that traditional braces are equally worth alike the clear aligners. Here is why traditional braces are still a standing option for many.

Why are Traditional Braces Still a Preferable choice?

Yes. Clear aligners are the modern, plastic, convenient and Invisible aligners. Due to its high convenience, people have underestimated the traditional braces.

But these traditional braces as what you see now are more modernised, and effective than the ones’ we used decades before.

The Undeniable traditional braces:

While clear aligners are the perfect choice for straightening your teeth, under some circumstances you can’t always stand with Invisalign. Expert dentists say that, at times, traditional braces are the best options to be treated.

Treatment options using traditional braces:

One of the expected concerns among patients preferring clear aligners is the invisibility. Traditional braces still can do that.

Infact, orthodontics treatments include metal braces as basic and best options. Lingual braces, attached to the backside of teeth are the best option for an invisible look.

Now, Traditional braces are smaller and occupy less area of your teeth being more comforting and effective.

Full fledged purpose:

One can find numerous benefits using Traditional braces.

  • Unlike Invisalign which is suitable only for adults, Traditional braces can be opted for children who are seeking early teeth alignment.
  • Faster working & Steady results
  • Treats more severe jaw alignment problems
  • More affordable than Clear Aligners
  • More Durable and no chance of careless losing.

Seeking traditional braces is still an outstanding option to consider. It can give you the expected results the same as clear aligners with no expensive price.

All you have to do is book an FREE consultation with our expert dentist at Asian Dental Clinic, Vijayawada.







The Benefits of Invisalign Aligners over Traditional Braces!

Let us whisper this secret to you,

You Can Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly Now!!

There are moments you could feel awkward about your Criss cross braces. You may even be the one who just delayed your teeth straightening because of braces.

Are you the one who hates braces but not teeth straightening?

This Invisible Spill can bring you magic!!

For your betterment, Asian Dental is on the way to providing Invisalign, an effective alternative to braces. You can straighten your teeth without letting someone know this!

Invisalign, it is just a simple procedure preferable for any age. It just functions like the traditional braces but invisibly. It has been one of the most pointing methods of teeth straightening among people

If you want to know the benefits behind Invisalign, I bet you it can turn your head upside down. One can never see these huge benefits by undergoing traditional braces treatment.

5 Important Benefits of Invisalign that You Must Know!!

Eat Anything You Want:

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign guarantees you the right to eat whatever and whenever you want! It is just that you have to remove it while eating. It is very flexible for anyone to handle and kids are not an exception too!

Virtually Invisible:

It is perfectly seamless. No one can ever point out your braces. You feel very confident wearing it unlike the traditional braces which may lower your self esteem sometimes.

Treatment Duration:

It depends on person to person. The minimum time can be 6 months. Trust us it will be worth the wait. In case of traditional braces, there can be gum problems, bad breath, sensitivity and even cavities if not taken care of. But we assure you, Invisalign can almost save you out of the troubles.

No extra time; No Extra Cost:

Our expert can show you the results on the monitor even before you start the journey with us. At the right time you will be guaranteed to smile with us.

Improved Oral Health:

Obviously, it is going to improve your oral health. You don’t have to block your smile & food consumption. Enjoy your favourites by removing it and use it after consumption until we become your favourite dentist.

Let this Secret Works for You!!

Call us Now!!

We Can’t Wait to See Your Smile




Finding the Best Dentist in Vijayawada Has Become Easier Than Ever!

Q: What part of your body helps you to digest your favorite food and look great in pics?

Ans: Your teeth!

Yeah, it’s absolutely true. Your teeth are a central part of your smile, and they also help you eat food.

It’s always important to take care of our teeth. If we neglect, it can cause you physical and mental suffering.  So always make sure to visit the dentist regularly to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Well, if you are searching for the “best dentist in Vijayawada” then you should visit Asian Dental.

Located in the heart of Vijayawada, Asian Dental is dedicated to providing patients with gentle and personalized dental care. Asian dental specializes in a variety of dental treatments that include root canal treatments, dental fillings, jaw surgeries, child dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, braces, aligners, and much more. At Asian Dental, our dentists deliver top-notch dental care solutions you can be confident in! If you’re looking for an expert dentist in Vijayawada, our friendly doctors will surely provide you with the quality care you deserve.

We provide sophisticated dental treatment facilities as we solely aim at providing complete oral healthcare solutions to our patients as per their requirements. Whether it is a root canal treatment or smile correction treatment, or tooth whitening, and much more, we provide you with the right action for all your dental problems. 

The core team of Asian Dental mainly aims at helping people with oral healthcare solutions to help them lead a better and confident life. We always strive hard to give our patients the best dental treatment in Vijayawada. 

You have a dental problem; we can craft a perfect and hassle-free solution for it!

Why Choose Asian Dental for your dental treatment?

State-of-the-art dental clinic

We offer different areas of dentistry right from orthodontics to dental implants and child dentistry, etc. to create a nourishing comfortable, and relaxed environment for our patients.

Sophisticated technology

We always ensure that our patients must feel comfortable at all points during their dental treatment with us. So, we at Asian Dental uses sophisticated technologies to make the dental procedure as smooth as possible.

Painless dentistry (sedation dentistry)

Painless dentistry involves different pieces of technology in combination with sound knowledge of the physiology and gentle management of the tissues to give you a painless dental experience. At Asian Dental, we understand how you feel, and we offer painless dentistry solutions to make the entire process as pain-free as possible.

Quick implants

In today’s busy world, patients always expect less time-taken implant procedures. That’s why we remove the time barriers and use modern technology to carry out immediate implants with absolute ease.

Affordable dental implant

We provide dental treatments, dental implants, dental surgery, and other dental procedures at affordable cost. All our dental treatments are customized to suit our patient’s budget and requirements, making them absolutely reasonable.

Personal & friendly care

We aim to build an ever-lasting bond of trust and confidence with our patients and we push our boundaries to ensure their safety and treatment. At Asian Dental, we hand-hold our patients through every step of the treatment, and nevertheless to say, we are well-renowned as the “best dentists in Vijayawada.”

Asian Dental crafts a perfect smile for you!

Well, with one of the best dental infrastructures in the world, we provide unparalleled and unmatched solutions to all our patients by applying the newest dentistry techniques. Asian dental offers you the best dental treatment under the aegis of dental experts in India. Visit today the best dentists in Vijayawada and experience seamless dental treatment!



Dental Implants in Vijayawada – A Permanent Solution To Replace Missing Teeth

When we come across the word dental implants, the first thing that comes in our mind is fear, how painful the dental implant procedure must be.

But don’t worry because nowadays, with advanced dental technologies and techniques, dental implant surgery has become a reliable procedure. Dental implants can be used for all people having missing teeth irrespective of their age and gender. With implants, dental patients can be assured about their teeth and gum health.

 What are Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery is a dental procedure that replaces a missing tooth or teeth with a permanent artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw. The implant tooth screw is usually of titanium or zirconium finishing. Dental Implants are mainly a ‘titanium screw’ which fuses with the jaw bone. The titanium is a metal compatible with body tissues and bonds with the adjacent bone during the healing process.

Structure of dental implant includes –

  • Crown
  • Abutment
  • Implant body

Who needs Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are required in the following conditions –

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Broken or decayed teeth that might be beyond any repair
  • Uncomfortable with dentures, partial denture, or bridge
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Speech problems
  • To improve sunken facial appearance

What are the uses of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have many uses, such as-

  • Improves the ability to eat
  • Improves speech
  • Enhances cosmetic appearance
  • It prevents the jawbone from shrinkage due to boneless
  • Keeps the health of the surrounding bone and gums intact
  • Keeps the adjacent teeth stable and intact
  • Improve overall oral health
  • Incorporates self-confidence
  • It gives natural teeth like appearance
  • Improves quality of life

Dental Care at Asian Dental

Are you looking for dental implant treatment in Vijayawada? Then your search ends here. At Asian Dental, we provide the utmost quality dental implant procedures keeping in mind complete customer satisfaction. Our dental implant cost in Vijayawada is also very reasonable for everyone to avail it. We aim to offer the best dental implant treatment in Vijayawada so that our clients have good overall oral health.

At Asian Dental, we follow WHO protocols with strict sanitization safety measures for both the patients and the dental staff. In our clinic, we follow world-class 4-Step sterilization safety measures and high-quality treatment methods to provide our patients best dental health. Also, we have an in-house implantologist available for all seven days.

So anytime you want to consult an implantologist or need a dental implant treatment, you can visit the Asian Dental clinic at Vijayawada, and we will take care of your dental health.