The Benefits of Invisalign Aligners over Traditional Braces!

Let us whisper this secret to you,

You Can Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly Now!!

There are moments you could feel awkward about your Criss cross braces. You may even be the one who just delayed your teeth straightening because of braces.

Are you the one who hates braces but not teeth straightening?

This Invisible Spill can bring you magic!!

For your betterment, Asian Dental is on the way to providing Invisalign, an effective alternative to braces. You can straighten your teeth without letting someone know this!

Invisalign, it is just a simple procedure preferable for any age. It just functions like the traditional braces but invisibly. It has been one of the most pointing methods of teeth straightening among people

If you want to know the benefits behind Invisalign, I bet you it can turn your head upside down. One can never see these huge benefits by undergoing traditional braces treatment.

5 Important Benefits of Invisalign that You Must Know!!

Eat Anything You Want:

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign guarantees you the right to eat whatever and whenever you want! It is just that you have to remove it while eating. It is very flexible for anyone to handle and kids are not an exception too!

Virtually Invisible:

It is perfectly seamless. No one can ever point out your braces. You feel very confident wearing it unlike the traditional braces which may lower your self esteem sometimes.

Treatment Duration:

It depends on person to person. The minimum time can be 6 months. Trust us it will be worth the wait. In case of traditional braces, there can be gum problems, bad breath, sensitivity and even cavities if not taken care of. But we assure you, Invisalign can almost save you out of the troubles.

No extra time; No Extra Cost:

Our expert can show you the results on the monitor even before you start the journey with us. At the right time you will be guaranteed to smile with us.

Improved Oral Health:

Obviously, it is going to improve your oral health. You don’t have to block your smile & food consumption. Enjoy your favourites by removing it and use it after consumption until we become your favourite dentist.

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