Your Baby's First Dental Visit

Our team at Asian Dental, provides a caring and positive atmosphere for your child’s first dental visit. The primary visit goal is to develop a positive association with the dental office and our team, and this will establish trust between your child and the doctor.

Your childs first dental visit is at the time of one year of age. The first visit is essential to learn more about the development process of your child’s oral health. During this first visit, we will provide a gentle exam and cleaning to make sure the teeth are in a healthy status. Our dentist will offer routine oral care for your child. Oral care includes complete exam, teeth polishing, and fluoride application. When mandated, x-rays for diagnosis.

We will inform about topics about your child's overall oral health.

  • Teeth Development Stages
  • Typical harmful diets and important nutrition
  • Your Child oral habits and solutions
  • Cavity risk assessment
  • Examine the cheeks and gums
  • Teething related solutions
  • Oral care at home and office visits

At Asian Dental , we recommend every six months of the dental visit. The six-month visit will help our dentist to understand and document your child’s oral growth and development. Continued care will provide us proper preventive care for your child.

Why are baby teeth so important?

They are responsible for the overall general health of the body; they help the child achieve proper nutrition by participating in the first process of digestion.

  • They help in speech development.
  • They boost the child’s self-esteem by making them smile confidently.
  • A child can pay better attention to studies and co-curricular activities if not in dental pain.
  • The cavity can happen even in the milk teeth, and infection in a young body, where the immunity is not developed.
  • Milk teeth preserve the space for the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth follow the path of milk teeth when they are ready to erupt.
  • They help in the standard and proper development of facial muscles and bones.
  • Common treatments like Fillings, Fluoride Application, Trauma Treatment, pulp therapy, Habit breaking appliances and child counselling which are done best at Asian Dental.